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I’m Still Kickin


hey Look at all that paperwork behind me. Story of my life.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Ours was quite the whirlwind of course.

Torrance’s mom and grandma are up visiting from Florida right now (they flew in last Thursday and leave tomorrow). Though it has been quite rainy here we have had quite the eventful weekend… starting with a trip to the ER on Friday.

Just something minor so no worries, but shortly after I got to work Friday Torrance’s mom called asking if I could take her in. Luckily since it was a non-emergency emergency I really didnt mind because I only had to work half the day!

After that, on Saturday we drove to the lake with everyone, went out on the boat for about 45 minutes and then a storm rolled in so we had to turn around and head home. That was a bummer.

At least on Sunday it was semi-nice (okay… more like 90 degrees – really nice!) most of the day and we got to spend it at the pool.


Does anyone else’s eating get all crazy when family is visiting, or when you are out of your usual routine in general? I’m not eating bad, just A LOT. And I’m always hungry because I am eating more. It’s bad.

But I have at least been getting some extra nutrients…. I’m on a green smoothie kick lately.

smoothieJust like the rest of my eating habits, it goes in waves where I will have them a bunch, and then not have them again for months.

Oh, and I wanted to share that last night we had the most amazing dinner at Firebirds with the fam. I seriously love Firebirds, it is one of my new favorite restaurants.

dinner1 I love their salmon. I actually hardly ever order fish at restaurants because 9 times out of 10 it is overcooked (food snob) but their salmon is fabulous because they actually cook it to order and on their wood fired grill.

And grilling lemons may be my new favorite thing ever. Seriously. So genius.


Okay, more later this week.

I mostly just wanted to tell you how delicious that salmon was and how much I love Firebirds.

Things should be calming down here by the weekend… Have a great Wednesday!

  • Tell me, what is something you order at a restaurant frequently because you dont make it a lot at home?
    For me, steaks! Now that we dont have a grill handy I dont cook steaks at home a lot anymore… but tonight we are going to a BBQ elsewhere where we are having steaks so I decided on fish last night!
  • How was your Labor Day weekend weather?
    Rainy for the most part here (besides Sunday), but cant complain since our summer has been pretty amazing.
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  1. Molly #

    I always order steak or fancy fish out. Labor day was hot and muggy!

    September 5, 2012
  2. Hey pretty girl! So glad to see your smiling face! 🙂 Our Labor Day weekend was fun – all-nighters, bbq, family, motorcycle rides, etc. Have a great week!

    September 5, 2012
  3. I actually order burgers because I don’t like to make them. Or chicken. I basically don’t like to cook meat. Our weather was lovely, but we were inside most of the time working on the new house.

    September 6, 2012

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