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It’s Wednesday, & I’m Telling You What I Ate

I was planning on doing this post anyway, but then I realized it was Wednesday – so I guess that means I am participating in the “WIAW” craze!


Since I used to share what I ate more often (because there are other people out there, like me, that love food and are interested to see what other people are shoving their faces with for some reason) I figured I’d give you an update.

I have still been eating a ton o’ fish.

File Later 208

(Fish and cous cous, my favorite mix!)

I even have a new favorite way to prepare salmon – but we will talk about that another time.

I’ve been eating lots of sautéed veggie mixes.

file later 199

(Mushrooms and zucchini sautéed in a little white wine with pepper and garlic).

I’ve also been eating a ton of salads lately. 

File Later 210

(Dinner last night! Spinach, romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, broken up pita chips, cheddar cheese, green bell pepper, and topped  with chicken breast I cooked real fast in a pan with balsamic).

File Later 213

Salads arent always the best for me because honestly it seems like no matter what I put in them, or how big they are, they only keep me full for a short time.

However, at the same time they have been perfect lately I think because for some reason my lunch has progressively been getting later and later, thus – when dinner time rolls around, I’m just not that hungry.


So that’s what I’ve been mowing down on at dinner time – but what about breakfast and lunch?

Lunch has been all over the place (and I rarely take pictures of it). Typically I make a quick turkey sandwich at home (or sometimes Tuna), or I will make a little salad (when I have time, or prepare it ahead of time), or if all else fails – I head to Subway or Panera.

Breakfast lately, 90% of the time at least, has been a protein smoothie.


Green smoothies, banana smoothies, coffee smoothies, berry smoothies, apple pie smoothies (they are good, promise). Smoothies all over the place!

I’m sure I’ll be back to my usual egg sandwiches soon! Smile


I’ll catch you guys up on some fitness stuff soon….. good things are happening with my training program!

For now, have a good Wednesday!

  • Do salads keep you full for very long?
    I always end up eating a snack an hour or so later…
  • Which meal do you struggle with the most in coming up with stuff to make/eat? B-fast, lunch, dinner, or snacks?
    For me, definitely lunch during the week – it is just a weird in between because I don’t want anything too heavy or too light.
  • Does anyone else have this problem?: When I have a smoothie for breakfast, it makes me crave carbs shortly after. 
    Maybe because I usually eat carbs for breakfast? I typically end up eating a piece of toast with PB w/ or right after.
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  1. I feel like I’m hungry shortly after I eat ANYTHING. Lol. I have a hard time getting breakfast in with my dog running/workout/teaching schedule.

    September 12, 2012
  2. it honestly depends on what I put on my salad! if i load it up with protein (chicken, eggs) and nuts/avocado/etc it will fill me up…but if its just a ton of veggies then definitely not 😉

    i think dinner is what i struggle with most…my bfast is boring and usually the same depending on the time of year (greek yogurt/granola in the warm months and oatmeal with pb in the winter months)..lunch is usually a sandwich and fruit or leftovers. Dinner i’m usually on my own since Kev is working so i tend to throw weird things together since its tough to cook for one!

    September 12, 2012
    • i agree, it is tough to cook for one person! If i am on my own for dinner I end up with a salad or eating bfast for dinner (since torr doesnt like bfast for dinner!)

      September 12, 2012
  3. I feel the same way about smoothies, and thought I was the only one!! Usually if I have a smoothie in the morning, I’m starving and craving carbs/sugar a couple hours later. I’m that way with fruit too….even if I have something like cheese or peanut butter with it. So whenever I read advice in a magazine to eat fruit for a snack, I scoff. That stuff just gives me cravings!

    September 12, 2012
  4. Do salads keep you full for very long?
    No! Maybe an hour, I hate it.

    Which meal do you struggle with the most in coming up with stuff to make/eat? B-fast, lunch, dinner, or snacks?
    Lunch, which is why that’s usually my Shake meal.

    September 12, 2012
    • I know! I am thinking i might just make start having smoothies at lunch isntead of for breakfast.

      September 12, 2012
      • Having a smoothie for lunch keeps me full, but if I have one for breakfast, I’m starving like an hour later.

        September 12, 2012

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