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Random Friday – Our Neighbors Love Us, Very Bitey, & Kickoff To Birthday Week

Random #1: I am so excited to have the weekend OFfffffff
The last 2 weekends were spent working with Torrance. He semi “owns his own business” not really, but kind of and it is a lot of work (but not complaining!)

Anyway, he had some changes (good ones) and he got a new tool truck which we have been working on constantly to get it stocked, etc. Last saturday we put 9 hours in, and Sunday we put in 8. And the weekend before was mostly spent doing the same. And the weekend before that we went to the convention in Myrtle Beach, which was mostly work and no play also.

So on this glorious weekend, while we are not working – I plan to do some serious veggin’ not gonna lie.

Oh… that sort of brings me to this next one….

Random #2: Our neighbors love us.
So the new truck that he got for work… is a lot bigger than the one he had before.

truck (Dont mind my awesome photo editing…
I had to black out the company and contact info of course)

Yeah, so big that he had to park on the sidewalk. Hey, at least it is the END of the sidewalk and not in the middle where people will be walking?

Seriously, our neighbors probably love us. Not to mention we are supposed to have 2 vehicles and including this monster we now have four (temporarily). We are like the Clampets, no big deal.

Random #3: Funny
This makes me laugh for some reason.


“He doesnt answer to anything – HE’S VERY ANGRY.” Haaaaaa.

Random #4: And this is cool….
Kalee shared this on Instagram the other day (I am not sure the exact source though!)


It refers to different things you can eat to detox different organs/parts of your system.

Notice “sweet potato” under Pancreas? I should definitely have a nice clean Pancreas now.

Speaking of which…..

Random #5: Welp, I made it 5 days through the food detox.
Well, I made it 5 successful days (without any more chocolate or oranges). At training on Wednesday night my trainer finally took my threats to throw sweet potatoes at his house seriously and he agreed that I could replace the sweet potato with Quinoa at times.

Halelujah. So I had 3 meals looking similar to this yesterday:


Weird… I dont know who put that little piece of dark meat chicken there?

So yes, I am on day 6. However I moved onto “phase 2” – the phase where I can add things like fruit, fish, eggs, etc. Basically I really still have to limit sugar, refined carbs, and dairy.

But I ate oats with raisins this morning and it was like heaven.

My birthday is next Friday, which means today officially kicks off the beginning of my birthday week. But since my birthday is on a Friday that will be my birthday weekend… so it will be more like birthday week +2.

Random #7: Better get your bread and milk…
I hate talking about the weather, mostly because I grew up in Alaska where every year its the same story yet people still bitched/moaned/complained/nonstop every time it got to 30 below zero which is a given some point in the weather, yet you still always had to hear all about it (like you want to be reminded it is effing cold as shit outside).

But anyway, here in good old NC we are supposed to get snow here again today (it is snowing now actually) and coming from somewhere where snow and winter is the norm, it is crazy being somewhere where it is not the norm. It is very different… to say the least.

People here are crazy. Buying up all the bread and milk and batteries like it is a natural disaster because we are getting an inch of snow that will melt tomorrow.

I know its not their fault, but geez lou-eez.

Okay, rant over.


  • Are you having “wintery” or colder than normal weather where you are?
  • Tell me a bad neighbor story – something your neighbors (or past neighbors) do that drives you crazy. (Unless you happen to be one of our neighbors, then please dont complain about the tool truck on the sidewalk and 4 vehicles that we have, thanks).
    I love the guy that lives below us, he is sooo nice, except his daughter has this vicious Pomeranian (seriously, Kona is terrified of it) that barks (I mean yaps) non stop all the time. I dont hear it from inside my apartment (thankfully) but they leave their window cracked so if you are outside you hear it like crazy. If your dog nonstop-barks, why would you leave your window open for everyone to hear?
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  1. That truck is huge!!! I live in a high rise and the apt next to us just got rented out and I have heard them a few times singing loudly (not well) and my roommate has heard them bone and said the guy sounds like a stud. The funny thing is the walls we share are our dining room and I’m pretty sure their living room. Naughty kids!

    January 25, 2013
  2. LOL, love that rattlesnake sign. Wonder if anyone will claim it? :O

    I live in MN, so yeah, the weather is cold every year….and yes we complain every year. And I find it funny when I see on the news that some states shut down a majority of their schools because they’re expecting an inch or so of snow. LOL, hilarious.

    January 25, 2013
  3. Oh that thing about the detoxing is awesome!

    January 25, 2013
  4. Having just left NC (and from Massachusetts) I thought it was ridiculous. The sudden urge to buy all of the bread and milk. Personally I would buy candy and beer.

    Our neighbors have two dogs that they keep outside ALL the time. They never go in the house. And they just bark and bark. Because they are lonely. And want/need attention. Why have a dog just to banish it to the backyard all the time? Drives me crazy.

    The Kidless Kronicles

    January 25, 2013
  5. I live in Canada, so much like your experience snow/cold is to be expected. This week it has been floating around -35c (or, according to google, -31F). So yes, it has been really cold, however, we do not have much snow – Which I am grateful for!! My boyfriends stepdad is actually from NC, so we get to listen to him talk about the cold/snow etc. His “cold” is our BBQ weather.

    As for Neighbours. Well, Mine are all pretty good. However, I think I am the problem. My next-door neighbour is pushing 90. I didn’t realize it until he was having a dinner party that all these years, his dining room and my bedroom are side by side. So yes, there have been nights where I am in a bra dancing around my room like a crazy person. I realized this when I happened to catch a glimpse of someone at his house closing his blinds as I am prancing around like an idiot. I am afraid to know how long that has been going on for, or why I cannot seem to remember to close my blind.

    January 25, 2013
  6. That rattlesnake sign has to be the most random thing ever! So funny!

    January 27, 2013

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