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People Watching & Airplane Chatting


I am writing this post from the past (future?) I don’t know. Anyway, I wrote it while in route to Cali knowing quite well that I would be enjoying too many festivities to write a normal post on Monday….and honestly, I’m not sure how many you will see during the week while I am gone. Because today I we are headed off to Carmel (little beach town) for a couple days!

So in the meantime, I wrote this for you from the airport while on my way here, because A) I had a 4 hour layover and needed something to do and B) like I said, I love airports.

However, I hate packing.

Image 2

(Yes, that is my soft blanket on top; back off)

But this post actually isn’t about packing (sorry, got distracted), it is about people at the airport/on the plane.

You see some seriously hilarious things. And I try not to be judgmental in airports because everyone has a different story….and I have been one of those people. So I try not to be judgmental – I really do. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still fun to people watch.

I even strategically seat myself so that I am in prime-people-watching-position.

Image 1

(That guy was obviously thrilled I was taking his picture)

But really, people either A) care too much at the airport or B) don’t care at all. Obviously, I like the people who don’t care at all.

Like the girl wearing leggings picking her underwear out of her ass in a crowd of people – helllllloooo….you are wearing the wrong type of underwear.

Or the guy who had toilet paper on his foot… for like, 30 minutes before noticing – And yeah, I’m a little sorry I didn’t tell you.


On that note, are you guys the type who chats people up while traveling?

Like I said, I had a 4 hour layover in Dallas. When I am by myself, I typically opt to sit at the bar – because lets face it, with a 4 hour layover and no driving in my future, it’s time to throw back some wine (and a Cosmo….and a vodka cran…and some fajitas…) 

And obviously, sitting at the bar, in my experience, you have about a 90% chance of getting chatted up by someone – so you have to be okay with that, so if I’m in the mood, I’m all for it. And what’s nice about that, its non threatening bar chat. Not like when you go out to a bar any other time. It’s different because it’s at the airport. It’s like a safe zone because you will never see any of those people again (obviously what the girl picking her wedgie was also thinking).

In most other cases, I am not a fan of making small take and then hearing a random stranger’s life story. But at the airport, it is 100% okay, and I even sort of look forward to it.

Anyway, I think there is some etiquette about it though. Even though I am a super talkative person (obviously) and could talk someone’s ear off, I try not to initiate the conversations (unless they seem willing) incase they are the type that doesn’t want to be talked to…. because in all honesty, once I get started, there may be no stopping me. 

This goes for in the airport as well as on the plane (especially on the plane). I have had times where I am not in the mood to talk it up on the plane and when the gay man next to me won’t stop talking about his boyfriend and their house in the Hampton’s when all I have on my mind is sleep, I just nod and try to follow along and be polite (and sometimes they end up sucking me in…. like that time). 

My new strategy is that if they don’t chat me up at the beginning of the flight, I put headphones or something in to avoid conversation until I see what they are like…i.e. what they do during the flight – like do they read anything interesting? Do something fun, sleep, etc. Then I get a feel for if they want to just be left alone and also if they are someone that I might enjoy talking to. And then later on in the flight if they seem like the type that would be okay for me to chat up, I say something. 

Otherwise, if you start talking to someone right off the bat and they turn out to be a wack-a-doo, you are kind of stuck because now they think you are super friendly and want to listen to them. And then you are stuck with the awkward thing where you have to try and cut the convo short or something. Like the time I got stuck next to the girl who told me she did PR for Hollywood actors and she got to work with Brad Pitt and Jason Bateman all the time and that they told her that they thought she was SO awesome that they wished she was their manager (and trust me, after listening to her for 10 minutes I realized she most definitely was full of shit)…and even after I nicely put my headphones on (even though my iPod was dead) she still kept going until I “fell asleep.”

Lesson learned. See? It’s all about strategy. 


  • Do you like to chat with people in the airport/on the plane? Do you try to chat people up or do you wait until someone talks to you first?
  • Any funny/awful/awkward convos or situations you have been stuck with while on the plane? Please DO share!
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  1. I never like to chat people up. I don’t know why particularly, I just make a point to make sure they know I don’t want to chat (usually by doing whatever I am going to do, read, listen to music etc…) right away. Am I horrible? 😉

    February 11, 2013
  2. You know, I’ve had some really great conversations while on planes. But I’m typically not the one who initiates them. I usually prefer to keep quiet and do my own thing. But if someone else starts the conversation, then I’ll go with it. 🙂

    February 11, 2013
  3. I’m so not a chatter!! Because once you start then its an “awkward silence” if you stop talking!

    February 11, 2013
  4. Oh my gosh! I am so much like you. I will do anything to position myself where there is a good view of people. When my boyfriend and I go out for dinner he will ask for a back table and make sure I am seated with my back towards people – my people watching makes him self conscious…

    2 plane stories for you, both of which happened on the same flight. I was coming home from BC, so it is a 4.5-5 hour flight. However, we were 30 minutes late departing, and we were going through storm clouds etc and they mentioned having to make an “emergency” landing at one of the closest airports to where we were. I was exhausted, 9 that morning I was on a 2 hour bus ride to the airport just to wait 5 hours for the plane to board, plus the 30 minute delay, plus the jetleg was hitting me. I was watching a movie and it was at an intense part and all I could manage to do was cry (yes, I was wearing headphones, clearly watching a movie, crying to myself). I was flying alone, and the old man beside me patted my shoulder to tell me that “everything will be okay. Turbulence is common. I have nothing to worry about”. I then told him that I was exhausted and the woman in the movie was NOT supposed to die, and I cannot believe they would end the movie that way.

    Oh, I should also mention – earlier in that flight I cut my foot on a piece of metal sticking out from the side (I was at a window seat).. It was bleeding, nothing bad, but the pressure of the altitude was causing it to swell and it was burning. I said to the flight attendant “I cut my foot, its bleeding, could i have a bandaid”. An announcement was made for a doctor/nurse, didn’t think anything of it, until the flight attendant returned with a bandaid, a doctor, gauze, and rubbing alcohol. Embarrassing much? I have a 0 pain tolerance, I am a wimp, and just wanted a band aid.

    The flight to BC I ended up sitting at the emergency door seat (no window and like 6 feet of space). Perfect right? No. When they are explaining their emergency procedures to people – you know, the mask lesson? Me and the two strangers to my left got a private lesson on how to open the emergency door. I watch too many crime shows, and all I could think of was that one of these men were sadistic and were going to open the door and we would all fall to our death…. I have issues…..Don’t fly with me. I tend to attract weirdos.

    February 12, 2013

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