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Cali Trip Part 1 – Napa & Carmel/Monterey

I will keep these recaps short and sweet – mostly pictures actually.

So, like I said, my sister lives in Sacramento. Since she moved there when I was younger (she is older than me and moved out of the house when I was still little); as a kid, I pretty much spent every summer there from when I was 11 – 17ish. And then visits afterward of course, so for the most part – we have done a lot over the years.

Since it is different now that we are both mature adults and all, we actually got to go out and do some more stuff.

The first day I was there, Sunday – we headed to Napa with two of her best friends.


IMG 1326

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Napa was amazing. Unfortunately I can’t remember all of the individual wineries we visited (I wish I would have taken note). But the weather was awesome and we drank lots of wine 😉


On day two and three, my sister and I (and her dog, Cody!) headed out to Carmel (the beach). It was about a 3 hour car ride and it was not the usual beach rides I am used to because it was very hilly and green (and cows).

IMG 1329

IMG 1331

Kinda makes you want to yodel, huh? No? Not really?

When we got to Carmel, I was also surprised because it wasn’t the typical beach town either. It actually reminded me a lot more of a little ski town or something (minus the snow obviously). Everything was so cute and quaint and all the buildings and shops reminded me of a “cottage” type feel.

We stayed at the Wayfarer Inn which, like the other places to stay in Carmel, was a little, cute place. They did a little [inclusive] wine tasting for their guests everyday at 5 and also had a nice little inclusive breakfast in the morning. 

Carmel wayfarer inn


IMG 1333

We did a lot of walking around there and found some cute cafe’s, restaurants, and shops.

IMG 1336


IMG 1353


IMG 1359

IMG 1354

Yeah, I didn’t take a lot of pictures of my actual food. But I can tell you the places we ate there that get special notice included Grasings, where we ate the first night and I had an amazing filet; da Giovanni, where we had some awesome seafood; and Katy’s Place. Katy’s Place was adorable. Unlike the others that have more of a quiet, fine dining feeling, it is a smaller cafe that we went to for brunch. They have an entire egg’s benedict menu. Yes, YUM.

And of course, other than food, we spent part of Tuesday out on the beach.

IMG 1338


IMG 1342


IMG 1345


IMG 1344


Photo 3








Yes, the weather was a little chilly when we first got out there (thus the scarf) but overall we had some really good weather the whole time we were there with lots of sun!


Also, since Carmel is very close to Monterey Beach, we headed over there for part of Tuesday also just to head down Cannery Street at the wharf to check some stuff out.

IMG 1357


IMG 1356

We didn’t spent a lot of time there, but it was definitely tons of fun!

We headed back from the beach Wednesday morning…. I will wrap up the rest of the trip including our romantic Valdentine’s Day (ha, kidding) and our San Fran trip in a second post later this week!


Have a great Tuesday – off to get ready for work! Lots to do there and I. NEED. COFFEE.

  • Ever been to Napa or Carmel/Monterey/Pebble Beach?
  • When you were a kid/younger, was there anywhere you traveled to frequently?
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  1. Carmel and Monterey are beautiful! They’re probably my favorite parts of California that I’ve visited so far. 17 Mile Drive is beyond amazing.

    February 19, 2013
  2. What a great time!! That beach looks sooooo nice! I want to go!

    February 19, 2013
  3. What an amazing trip!! I’m never been to California! Ever! What’s my problem!! We mostly went to cabins in WI and MN. 🙂

    February 20, 2013
  4. Aw! It looks like you had a blast!! I have been to all of those places before 🙂 I could really use a vacation RIGHT NOW! Oh wow. I am now living through your blog post vicariously!

    February 20, 2013
  5. Oh my gosh, I recently took a trip from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo and it was the most AMAZING time ever. We rode a train right through Monterey and it looked beautiful! That part of the country is unreal.

    February 22, 2013

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