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Yeah, yeah

Okay, okay.

I havent blogged in almost a week. I have just been busy and … all over the place.I figured I would drop in and at least let ya know I was still kickin’

But dont worry, nothing bad is going on like the last time I took a hiatus (though that was a lot longer and spread out for obvious reasons) and I’m not going to be dropping any bombs on you. It’s just break time up in here!

I’ll be back Thursday probably. So for now, go check out some other awesome reads – AKA the coolest people ever, AKA some of my favorite blogs that I read.

I have links to them on the right side of the page if you hadnt noticed them before —————————–>

Love ya long time!


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  1. If you know any secrets for keeping it together, please share! It’s been Nervous Breakdown City over here 😛

    March 12, 2013
    • Haha wellllllll … i was like that before my big move too. I drank a lot of wine and spent alot of time making lists and watching movies. Weird huh? I dunno how well it worked. I dont remember that well, probably because I drank so much wine haha

      March 12, 2013
      • haha! Yeah, I have made about 100 different lists for different things. Sometimes it makes me feel better, but sometimes it makes me feel mega panicked.

        Wine! I hadn’t thought of wine! 😉

        March 13, 2013

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