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Just A Couple Naughty Bits

Okay, more like tid bits. Fooled ya. You thought I had juicy stuff to talk about huh? Not really. Lately I have been using my British accent and “naughty bits” just happens to be one of my favorite things to say (along with “Ooo, I made a spill!”)  PS – I know I have some readers in the great UK… so please don’t hate me.

Anyway, I just have some odds and ends to address.

First things first…

I can’t believe all the awesome responses/feedback I got from my weight post the other day! I was actually pretty blown away by the emails (and comments!) from that!

It made me realize a couple things:

  • Weight is apparently a really popular subject that interests a lot of people. I can see why. But seriously, I got more responses/views/emails/etc from that post than anything else on the blog and that surprised me a lot honestly. I didn’t think anything of it when I posted it in terms of it being extra special or anything, I just figured I would put it out there because thats what I do, but apparently people feel strongly about weight and people are very interested in that kind of stuff. Anyway, thanks for the interest – I was actually pretty shocked at how many people reached out to me about it – pretty cool!
  • People are awesome. I mean people are assholes too – but you guys? Yous guys’ are awesome. (I said that in my best mob-boss voice by the way – which is much better than my British accent).
  • Everyone has very different feelings about the scale. Some of you shared my hate for the fact that it is a liar, while others hated it because it is a pain in the ass and doesn’t always deliver good news, and then some of you love it as a handy dandy tool.
  • It seems that everyone struggles with weight/health/etc in some form. I mean when have you ever met someone [an adult] who is like “nope! I’m the shit and I’m perfectly healthy and don’t care and do whatever I want!” Yeah.. never. Or rarely. Even the super healthy people who are on top of their gain struggled at some point, or are that way for a reason, work hard for it, etc. I guess that’s why so many people are interested in it – it effects everyone.


Okay okay, enough of that mushy hoopla.

Second on the agenda:


Yes, I have decided to do an open Q&A session.

I have been getting a good amount of questions trickling in via email lately… as simple as how Torrance and I met, to my favorite thing to cook, what size my boobs are (yeah, you can’t help but wonder!) and even more personal stuff.

Obviously I am an open person up in here and will answer pretty much anything… even if it is a really stupid question if you have a really good or convincing reason you want to know (haha, I will elaborate on that later).

So, send the questions my way, about anything you want really – it can be personal, about the blog, about me, about the weight stuff, etc. Shoot them this way via comment, Twitter (@andreaoutloud), or the seemingly preferred method – email them to me ( I will put it together for you guys next week sometime, so I’d say get those Q’s in by Sunday if you want some A’s. Don’t be shyyy. (PS – I will just be posting questions and answers – not who asked them though, so it will be anonymous-ish).


Third order of biz-nass:

Upcoming bloggy subjects.

Remember how I have said like a million times that I have a ton of half written posts out there? (I blame my ADD). Well, I have decided to finish some of those amusing things up… along with some other things to go along with the little theme from earlier this week. So I figured I’d give you a little preview of things to come. Why not?

Some posts you can expect to be comin’ yo way:

  • How you know you watch too much Discovery ID/Crime TV
  • Things I love in a blog… and things I don’t love so much
  • Some A’s to your Q’s (obviously. Come on guys.. we just talked about this like 2 seconds ago. And obviously assuming you guys have questions…)
  • Things I have been eating lately (since I haven’t been sharing a ton of food like usual)
  • Some of my current favorite workout moves
  • Eating ridiculously healthy when your significant other (or others in your house) DONT. (Torrance… 5 candy bars a day…yes)
  • An awesomely amazingly cool guest post from a friend of mine in Alaska
  • The best peanut butter cookie recipe ever thanks to my sister (<—- which makes me sad because I’m avoiding these right now since I’m trying to be all good and stuff. I may cry as I write that post)
  • Things that should be considered a legitimate workout (but kinda aren’t)
  • Another story about how I am clumsy as F
  • How sad it is that our pets can’t live longer (<—serious, kinda sad one. Bet you’re looking forward to that, huh?)
  • How (and possibly why) I was strange when I was a kid.
  • Ridiculous search terms that led people here


Okay, so what are you waiting for?


(I’ve basically been dying to share that picture for any reason).

Send your questions my way! Comment, Tweet (@andreaoutloud), or email ( 1.2.3. GO!

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  1. On your “everyone struggles with weight” bullet point there – my brother actually told me one day, “I don’t pay attention to what I eat at all.” He maybe works out (TRX) three times a week with a trainer. That’s it. Besides stuff like skiing in the winter, the dude is in his 50s and lean and muscular. Let’s all hate him together. Why didn’t I get those genes! Because obviously there are somewhere in my family!

    April 4, 2013
  2. Yes lets all hate him together 😉 We will blame it on the fact that is a man. Not fair!
    That is like Torrance. It makes me want to punch him a lot and I just keep telling myself someday it will catch up with him… maybe and then he will have to care! muahaha. is it bad that i am secretly excited for that day? kidding. (kinda)

    April 4, 2013
  3. I really do think everyone struggles with weight/diet to some degree, whether or not they admit to it. There is so much pressure, so much conflicting info, and so many conversations about it that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to not secondguess yourself at least once (or all the time, like I do.)

    Looking forward to your upcoming blog posts! Especially the “Ridiculous search terms that led people here,” which is my favorite game.

    April 4, 2013
  4. I’d love to know more about how you and your guy met! I always love those stories! 🙂

    April 4, 2013
    • Haha WELL I have been getting A LOT of those types of questions and actually have a post planned for next week in regards to that anyway because the 15th is our TEN year anniversary (since we officially started dating)! Ask and you shall receive! 🙂

      April 4, 2013

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