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My A’s to your Q’s – Part 1

Alright, I am splitting this into 2 posts because I got quite a few good Q’s from you guys and I feel like it will be extracrazylong if I do it all in one.

So, if your question didnt get answered here, rest assured I will get to it in Part 2.

I decided I would start with the more popular/common questions that a lot of you were asking – like about boobs… you guys sure like to know about boobies! (who doesnt?), and some questions about Torrance and I – specifically how we met (which I have a fun story about the young Torrance and Andrea for later). And you guys sure like to know about makeup… which is hilarious since I have nothing cool to offer, but apparently some of you are curious about my somewhat au naturale look (“au naturale” sounds a lot better than lame, boring, and makeup-challenged).

I’ll answer the more… weird unique ones on the next go, you Curious little Carol’s you!



How tall are you?
Most days I am like 5’7 because I wear tall heels…. Buuuuut in real life, I’m only 5’3.

I know this is nosy, but what size are your boobs? ….Are they real? What do you dislike the most about having big boobs?
I’m a 38D or 34DD… depending on the brand of bra, but that’s typically it. People always say this surprises them and they think I am bigger? Which I dont know why really, maybe they just look that way because I’m short? 
But yes, they are real. They started growing when I was like 10 and didnt stop until I was 21 maybe.
The thing I dislike most is finding clothes that fit good. I cant do any hangy/babydoll/etc type shirts. Anything that hands just makes me look pregnant. No strapless shirts.. they look sloppy. And finding adorable swimsuits can be a huge pain (more about that below).

I have big boobs too and can never find cute bras! Where do you get yours??
Victoria’s Secret is actually my main stop for bras anymore. I used to not really love them but now they are kind of my go to. This one is my favorite from them currently.

What type of sports bras do you use?
Like most other big boobed bloggers, I like the Juno from Moving Comfort. My only complaint about it, is that I sometimes do get a little rubbing on my neck/top of my shoulder from the straps – this could be because I tighten the shit out of them. The Juno is the only sports bra I haven’t had to double up. So other than that, I will wear a REGULAR, racerback, underwire bra (I have a couple specified for workouts only) with this sports bra over it (Champion’s 360 Max Support).

sports (this is the all popular Juno)

Okay, WHERE do you get your swimsuits?
Swimsuits are the hardest part for me because most bigger sizes are underwire, which I hate underwire for swimsuits (but underwire is a must for bras!). And I cant even fit into a Victoria Secret XL top(!!) So all of the swimsuits (tops) I have right now are from Venus. I love them (my fav top from them currently is this one). However…. I love Victoria Secret bottoms. So I typically mix and match and get tops from Venus and bottoms from VS (like the below pic – top is Venus, bottoms are VS)


What are some of your favorite places to shop for clothes?
You know I love Kohl’s. But also New York Company, Express, Body Central, and actually lately, I’ve been finding cute stuff at Target.

I know you’re not really “into” makeup, but what do you use? How long does it take you?
I use a liquid foundation to even everything out (Revlon ColorStay), a powder bronzer on my cheeks (in the summer when its real hot and I’m not all pasty, I drop the foundation and use just a little bronzer all over), brown eyeshadow on my lids (CoverGirl), and I usually swipe an accent color of eyeshadow along my bottom lash line… usually a little shimmery gold. I curl my lashes and use my forever trusty mascara (Maybelline Full N Soft, waterproof). It takes me all of about 5 minutes. BAM.

face (boooooring)

How do you paint your nails so it stays for longer than a day or two?! Do you use Gel/Shellac?
No gel. I have been wanting to try it kind of but I’m scared it will mess up my nails when I take it off. The trick for me is having a good polish, none of that cheap shit – lots of coats, a good top coat, and distracting myself so I don’t screw them up before they dry. I will only use Essie or Sally Hanson Salon Manicure brands.
I don’t use a base coat but I do buff them before I paint them to smooth out any ridges or anything, and then I slather on about 3 coats of color (letting them almost completely dry between coats), and then do 2 coats of clear… and swipe across the tips to seal the deeeeal at the end. I usually do it while I’m watching TV or a a movie so I have something else to pay attention to also.

nails (day fooour – like new!)

How long have you and Torrance known each other?
We met when I was in 7th grade… so…like 14 years.

How did you guys meet?
At school, through a mutual friend. I will actually give you the long version of it in it’s own post since it appears many of you were quite curious about this. Its sort of a funny story actually.

Why don’t you like running?
UGHhhh. I suck at it, and it bores me to death, I get shin splints, and I basically just want to die while Im doing it. But I still try.

What are some of your favorite types of workouts? 
My workouts are pretty broad on the spectrum since my trainer has us do something different everytime, etc/always using different equipment – but I recently realized that I LOVE kettle bells. They are my current fav. We have also been doing a lot of good stuff with resistance bands, which I have never been a fan of in the past, but lately I’m diggin’ them.

What is one of your favorite snacks?
Currently I love a sliced banana mixed up with Banana Chobani and a little sprinkle of cinnamon. Yeaaaaaah!

What is your biggest obstacle in eating healthy?
Carby deliciousness. I dont have a bad sweet tooth or saltiness craving, just mostly fluffy delicious carbs.

How many calories do you eat/burn? And how do you track it?
I’m trying to stay between eating 1400 and 1600 since I’m trying to lose weight right now. My workouts vary, typically between 400-700 for the most part.

I recently got my first ever Heart Rate Monitor watch to keep track of what I was burning more accurately – and I frickin love it! (I got the Polar FT4 watch because it was simple for what I needed). For overall tracking I think most people prefer the MyFitnessPal (and it is nice because its free!), which I have used before but I actually prefer the MyNetDiary app (which I paid like $1.99 for I think). I just like the layout of the app much better. They also have a web component apparently, but I have never used that part of it.


Does Torrance workout?
Um. NO. He went through a phase where he was working out and it was really good for him and I think he actually did like it after he made it a habit. He just doesnt love it though and he works about 12 hours a day so he said he has no motivation to do it. He is super active though otherwise.

Does Torrance eat healthy? If not, how do you eat healthy when you cook for both of you, etc.
I actually have a whole post about this coming up because he does NOT eat healthy. Well, he eats healthy things but doesnt have healthy eating habits if that makes sense. And he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy so he doesnt like anything “too weird and healthy” (i.e. he wont eat Quinoa). He does like veggies though! I mean for the most part I dont really cook 2 dinners, but I will modify it a little bit – like if I cook salmon for dinner – I’ll make salmon, steamed broccoli, and then quinoa for me and a loaded baked potato for him.


There ya go, phase 1 – COMPLETE.

Now it’s your turn:

  • Does your significant other workout?
  • Favorite makeup product that you couldnt live without?
  • How tall are you?
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  1. I’m going to cheat and say my two must have makeup items cause they go together. I love my eyelash curler and mascara. If I use one, I always use the other. I don’t wear much makeup (
    only a couple times a week), but when I do put it on, my eyelash curler and mascara are musts!

    April 11, 2013
  2. I am 5’7. Does it count if my husband SAYS he works out? He really doesn’t. At least not lately. Right now I am digging on the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer. Otherwise, any Urban Decay eye shadow or pencil.

    The Kidless Kronicles

    April 11, 2013
  3. I only wear makeup at work, but I always use eyeliner.

    My husband works out like CRAZY. He is so much better about eating well and not skipping workouts. My little inspiration! 🙂

    April 12, 2013
  4. I don’t have a large chest but have heard that bathing suit tops from Athleta are good for girls in your situation. 🙂

    April 12, 2013
  5. I am only 5’6″. Yes, my wife works out but, I am addicted to it. I love Kettlebells. I guess I don’t really wear makeup but, I always have my carmex (does that count?).

    April 15, 2013

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