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A [Work Trip] Weekend In Nashville


Well shoot. I made it through this weekend alive. I kind of feel like I got hit by a bus, but I’m alive.

I probably walked 30 miles this weekend… in flip flops. Note to self: bring running shoes to next year’s convention.

It was a complete blast though!

We drove to Nashville, which from where we live is about a 7 hour drive. We left out early (around 6am) on Friday morning.


No rain or traffic really though, so it was a nice drive through the mountains.

We arrived at the hotel in the early afternoon which gave us a few hours to kill before the convention and work part of it actually began so we got to check out the hotel some.

As I mentioned, we stayed at the Opryland Hotel, which if you arent familiar, is GIGANTIC. The convention had about 8,000 people with the company this year, and they do a huge, huge expo with a ton of tool inventory so they sometimes struggle finding somewhere to have it (which is why they typically do it in Vegas, and one year they even rented out Sea World). But that is how they ended up at this big old beast of a place.

And I love anywhere that has an outdoor-like atmosphere inside.



The hotel was completely awesome, but I have to say I was really, really unimpressed with the food. They cater all of the events/meals for the convention and honestly none of the meals were good. So toward the end we strayed away from the catered meals and just hit up some of the different restaurants within the hotel, and I still wasnt really impressed sadly.

Anyway, overall it was a blast.


We didnt sleep much, especially Saturday.

Saturday we hit the ground running and spent the whole day in the expo from 8am until about 4. They did give us some free drinks in there though, so that is always a plus.

1tool (Beer and power tools, always a good idea).


After the work part on Saturday, it was party time.

The company actually somehow reserved/rented (I dunno what you would call it) 4 blocks of downtown Nashville for a block party.

It. was. awesome.

They had a concert on the river and we were alongside all the back of the bars/clubs and we got in with no covers, etc.


We even hit up a Coyote Ugly bar!


I even got my big hair ready, I mean shoot, I was in Nashville.

I had to at least fit in with big hair because I didnt have any cowboy boots or hats.


Yeah, big hair for me kind of equals frizzy hair.

We ended up getting back to the hotel super-duper-duper late Saturday night/early Sunday morning and we ended up leaving to drive back home pretty early Sunday morning also… so basically we had an awesome 4 hours of sleep and I went to bed at like 7pm last night. It was fantastic.

We had so much fun though, and back to work I go!


  • Ever been to Nashville?
  • Ever get to go on any cool work related trips?
5 Comments Post a comment
  1. I’ve been to Nashville like 6 times…love it!

    August 19, 2013
  2. seems like you had a fun time!! except for the flip flops. haha I don’t know HOW you did it!

    August 19, 2013
  3. I wanna go to Nashville and stay in that hotel with the outdoors indoors! Also, my work needs to do something like this.
    I am very, very sorry to hear about the food though 😦

    August 21, 2013

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