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An Update On Brown Dog

Are you ready for some pathetic brown dog pictures?


As mentioned before, Kona went in for her surgery Friday.

She did well! The doctor said it ended up being a longer surgery than they thought but that she did awesome. 

The dirty deets: they removed two mammary tumors (a doggy mastectomy in a sense), a large fatty tumor she had, and then they also spayed (fixed) her. So she has a total of four incisions. Poor thing. She is a little sore and bruised and all that, but all-in-all she is pretty much her old self.

We did decide to have the tumors sent off to the lab to get tested to see if they were cancerous. The good news is they have checked everything else (i.e. her organs) and if they were cancerous it doesn’t appear it has spread anywhere else, so even if it does come back that they were cancerous its a good chance we caught it early and basically will let us know if we just need to keep an eye on things closer than if they come back benign (non-cancerous).

When they were in there spaying her, they discovered a large cyst on her ovary. Obviously all that was being removed anyway, but the possible good news in that is the cyst could have been causing the excess hormone/cortisol in her system and she may not having Cushings Disease. After the surgery and all that is done and she is back to normal, they will re-test for Cushings.

I decided to spare you the graphic franken-dog pictures, of her shaved belly with all the cuts and staples and such and instead share the adorable pathetic ones instead.

Image 1

And you know, she hasn’t been licking too much being that most of her cuts aren’t somewhere that she can reach, but also she is kind of round (haha) and I think they are hard for her to get to anyway. However, I did catch her in a strange position where she figured out how to get to one of them so she has to wear this gem when we are not home.

Image 2

Neck donut of shame. I mean it has to be better than the cone right?

And I assure you, even though her face looks pathetic and her tongue is sticking out, the donut wasn’t choking her. I am pretty sure she was sticking her tongue out at me taking a picture of her in despair.

Sooooo… she is good, and the biggest struggle has been keeping her from jumping on the furniture since she usually spends most of her time there. She will get her staples pulled out next Monday and hopefully the rest of this healing process until then goes well. 

She thanks you guys for all the well wishes!


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  1. I’m glad Kona is on the mend. Whenever our dog wasn’t feeling well it was so stressful.

    October 21, 2013

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