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Aaaaand It’s Monday

  • Sooo I had to make another trip to the ER Wed morning. It was pretty strange. Everything turned out to be fine but I woke up at 4am to my stomach covered in blood – looked like a murder scene (it was coming out my belly button) . Ironically enough, Wednesday afternoon I was supposed to have my post-op appointment, which once in the ER I ended up with the on call surgeon anyway from the same practice and all was good.


  • I cannot believe it is December. I have bought two Christmas presents. That’s all. Which really, compared to usual I’m not behind. I’m kind of a December shopper anyway. Also, I was sad we werent able to get our Xmas tree this weekend, but itll happen one night this week. I havent started any decorating yet, though we did finally pull the decorations out of storage at least.
  • Our Thanksgiving was good. I didnt take any pictures, mostly because I had other priorities – like getting food down my pie hole as fast as possible.
  • Speaking of food, it is now dawning on me how sad I am that I cant really work out until January (I have to be careful with my hernia repair so it heals well). My gym bag is sad. Oh, and my ass is sad too.


  • Which brings me to the next bit-o-fun. I have been contemplating over the last couple months about doing the AdvoCare cleanse (just the 10 day) just to sort of reset my system. I have heard good things about it as far as making you feel better, etc. I decided that NOW would be a really good time because I have a hard time staying on track and eating well when I’m not working out, so why not give it a whirl? (I will probably start it next week or so)
  • I think it is time that I can say that I am officially acclimated to North Carolina. Good bye to my Alaska-cold-weather-toughness…. it has been in the high 20’s the last few mornings and I. am. freezing. The first winter I was here I hardly ever wore a jacket. And then last year, I wore a light jacket. But this year? This year I am bundled up in the morning when I have to take the dog out.  Pathetic.
  • I FINALLY got my hair done. Obviously I am super boring and low maintenance with my hair, but  I didnt even fill you in on the last disaster. I have struggled with hair dressers since I have moved here. I had this one girl that was working out for a while until this last go around. If you are unaware I have a lot of grey hair and I get my hair colored pretty close to my natural dark brown. WELL, this girl last time botched it. How you can botch a solid color that is close to my natural color, I dont know. She basically died it black and missed a bunch of spots. I told her I was unhappy and she gave me [some] of my money back but I didnt want to deal with her anymore so I got a recommendation of a girl from my coworker but she happened to be out on leave so I waited it out until she got back. And while all the crazies were out shopping on black Friday I went to see her and she made things all better. I also cut 3 inches off. I am happy, and also happy that I finally found someone who is good and got my color right and even.


  • I am thinking I probably wont do Xmas cards this year. I know that is lame of me but I just already feel crunched no time as far as pictures and sending them all out, etc. Yes, I am lazy and should probably just do it, even without pictures.


  • Do you send Xmas cards every year? What do you include with them? – a pic? a personal message/letter/etc?
  • Are you more of a cold weather person or hot weather person (which do you prefer)? 
    As someone who is always hot, I used to prefer a little cooler but now I LOVE the hot weather. I just love being able to wear flip flops all the time.
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  1. I definitely prefer it to be cool. I don’t like feeling all hot / sweaty and LOVE Fall.

    December 2, 2013
  2. This is the first year I am sending out Christmas cards 🙂 I have always been lazy!
    And hot weather for sure. Summer forever. I want to live on the water.

    Your hair is looking quite sassy!

    December 2, 2013
    • does sassy = frizzy? because thats what i was thinking!! haha kidding. I have been using this new root powder stuff to give it some more oomph so it was quite sassy this morning!
      and yes i want to live on the water also! love it! if its hot that is the place to beee!

      December 2, 2013
  3. Your hair looks fantastic!!!!!!! I had a horrible botch job a few years ago. Like leaving toner on my hair for 40 minutes bad. I also said I wanted a TRIM and I lost 6 inches. Then I started dating Jamie, his mom owns a salon, it took her almost 2 years to fix my hair. Now, I will only allow her to touch it. I owe my hair to her.

    December 2, 2013
  4. I don’t get my hair colored at all, but your story is exactly why I wait like 6 months between hair cuts. I’ve left salons unhappy too many times. I’m writing my Christmas cards out tonight! I love sending them out – I just include a little note in each one.

    December 2, 2013
  5. We usually do Christmas cards, but I’m debating this year. I just don’t know if I want to spend the money. :/ But it’s funny to me that I don’t want to do a Christmas card this year when I have a perfectly adorable baby to show off. 😛 Go figure!

    December 2, 2013
  6. I like the hair! Also, glad to know all your inside hernia/appendix stuff is doing better. It’s weird how long you were waiting for “emergency” surgery. Like, this is an emergency. Please wait two hours.
    Oh, I stopped sending out Christmas cards about 5 years ago. I feel like an ass but eh, people just throw them out anyway.

    December 2, 2013
  7. Total cold weather lover here, if the summer never got above 70, I would be so happy!

    I have bought a handful of gifts, but I’m so very behind this year.

    December 3, 2013
  8. Oh my gosh! How scary about the belly button. FREAKY! I’m glad you’re okay. Also, I’m considering the Advocare cleanse too. I was going to start after the new year (hello cliche!) I’m going to try and eat as healthy as I can until then and stick to my regular workouts but December is my biggest month of indulgences – I want to enjoy them without the guilt of having spent the money on Advocare. New year = fresh start for me. (Hey, it worked last year!) 😉

    December 6, 2013
    • Yes definitely! And I don’t think it is cliche! New year definitely means fresh start! I just started the cleanse Thursday (I kind of started it on a whim and didn’t plan a lot the first couple days) but I’ll be doing a little post about it since I soon be kind if “mid way.” 🙂

      December 7, 2013

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