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Oops, I’m Doing The Advocare Cleanse

"Oops" because I didn’t really spend a lot of time planning it (like one probably should) and it just kind of happened.


I have actually had my eye on it for a while because everyone has such good things to say about it. And I am always for "cleaning out my system." I have done some cleanses in the past – but mostly just eating really clean with no assistance of supplements or anything, so this is kind of a first for that.

Buuuuut, since I can’t workout for probably another month, I could really use some help with my eating. I do way better eating good when I’m on a normal workout schedule.

So the other night, I figured now would be a better time than any, right? Right.

So I got it in the mail (I ordered the 10 day kit plus the Omega 3 supplement, and Spark) and honestly I didn’t really even know what all it entailed. I assume it would just be something I take everyday for 10 days and ate really good, plus I heard about the fiber drink.

Well obviously when I got it I realized there was a little more to it – still simple – but just meaning there are different days you take different things. (Fiber drink, the herbal cleanse supplement pills, and the probiotic supplement, etc).

So I actually researched it a little so I got the gist, found THIS really handy dandy checklist/daily breakdown/eating guide and was like – okay lets just start tomorrow, which happened to Thursday. I know, who starts something like that on Thursday?

I mean I didn’t really plan out stuff, I looked in my fridge and said "okay I have enough food that would work for this for the next couple days and then I can plan more this weekend for the upcoming week." So I kind of winged it Thurs, Fri, and early Saturday until I went to the store to do my weekly grocery shopping. And honestly I did fine winging it, so that was good.

I am not going super hardcore about it because my main goal here is to sort of "reset" my system. My eating has been strange since I basically had soup and yogurt for 5 days after surgery – and then there was ALL the Thanksgiving food immediately following that, and then I just kind of ate whatever, haha.

If you are curious about my input on it thus far – here ya go:

  • The fiber drink is horrid. I had heard this, so I didn’t even attempt to taste it at first and plugged my nose right from the beginning which I think helped (I got Citrus, Peaches & Cream flavored anything grosses me out) but the thing that got me is the thickness/texture. Gag. I just mixed it with 12 oz of water (it says 8, but I wanted to dilute it so it wasn’t as thick). Still awful. I haven’t been able to drink every last drop of it yet.


  • It doesn’t make you have to go to the bathroom like you think it would when you hear "cleanse." On night 2/day 3 I had some cramping because stuff was moving but you don’t have this urgency and I didn’t really go anymore frequently than normal – though when you do go, it really counts. Plus you are in the bathroom anyway peeing a lot if you aren’t used to drinking a ton of water (I haven’t been drinking my usual 120 ounces like I was so this will help get me back on track with that I think).
  • I don’t ever feel real hungry or anything. You still eat a lot and frequently, you just eat clean (no dairy, no refined carbs, no added sugars, etc).
  • Usually when I do this kind of thing I try to eat a little better the few days before so that I don’t have that bad "lag" feeling when your body is pushing all the toxins out, etc. However, since I didnt really plan that much – I hate pizza and fajitas the Wednesday before I started. So I did feel that little lag the first 2 days.
  • And also, as usual, I miss cheese.
  • I also love Spark. I have actually been cutting my coffee back anyway over the last few months and only drink it about 3-4 mornings so that wasn’t so bad.


I will of course update you after it is said and done.

I did do a before weigh in, and also a couple little before pictures. But I didn’t do any measurements because honestly I don’t own a tape measure and am too lazy to go get one and do all that. Yeah, iknowiknow. (I will share that after).

The one thing I did realize that sucks about my free ballin’ thought of starting the cleanse on a Thursday rather than a normal day like say, Monday…? I now have to endure two weekends on the cleanse rather than just one (well, my last day will be Saturday).


  • Have any experience with Advocare?
  • If you have tried Spark (their “energy drink”) what is your favorite flavor?
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