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Christmas Was Great & Yes I Finished The Advocare Cleanse

Well hello there.

xmascollage1xmascollage2I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and that Santa was good to you! Ours was so great this year!

We ate way too much food, and spent time with the fam (of course). It was tons of fun.

I know that Christmas isnt about gifts, but one of my most favorite parts about Christmas is giving gifts. Obviously it is awesome to give people things, but I feel like I am a really good gift giver/picker-outer (that is a word) and that I get people things they will really enjoy (I hope they actually do enjoy them, or I will feel like a dummy saying that) so I always love watching people open stuff!

It is funny because Torrance is the same way, we are always extra excited to give each other presents! Like kids on Christmas… oh wait….


Okay, and obviously I never updated you guys on my Advocare cleanse outcome.

This is not going to be an in depth summary by any means.

If you remember, I did the 10 day cleanse kind of on a whim to just help me clean out my system, etc. And I’m sorry I ended up not doing any before/after pictures OR measurements. I know, I am super lame. But next time I do it I will for the sake of you nosey blog readers (only kidding guys!)

From start to finish day 1 until day 9, I lost 5 lbs. Not too shabby. I didnt really go into it with any expectations or goals for that so that was a surprise. 

Yes, that is correct, I said day 9, not 10 (it is a 10 day cleanse). I did end up cutting it short by a day due to some Christmas party festivities.. Lame, I know – but lack of planning on my part really. Next time I do it I will definitely be doing it the way you are supposed to (i.e. planning) and I most definitely wont be starting it on a Thursday, that’s for sure.

If you are curious, I just did the 10 day cleanse kit with the Omega 3’s and also ordered some Spark (the mango strawberry flavor). And I LOVE Spark now by the way.

I do want to do it again. I think it is an excellent tool to help you clean out your system and kind of “reset” things. It takes away all those bad cravings and gets you back into the groove of good habits!

PS. I still hate the fiber drink more than anything.


  • What was the highlight of your Christmas/Holiday?
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  1. Merry Christmas to you and Torrance!! !So glad to hear you both had a fantastic holiday!

    December 29, 2013
  2. I’m super curious about trying Advocare sometime!

    January 3, 2014

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