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2013 Resolution Outcome

Let’s do a recap of my 2013 resolutions shall we? And see how I did….

Lose 20 pounds.


Hey, C’s get degrees right? (haha, I’m so funny this morning).

Wellllll, I am 12 lbs lighter than the beginning of the year, so I would say this is  semi achieved and I feel okay about that. However, I know I was kind of lazy in this department and could have easily made my goal if I would have fully committed.

Embrace my fashionista (i.e. stop being so lazy with my appearance)


I cant really give this a full A for effort….

I would say this area has improved though… but not fully. I feel a little less lazy – I expanded my wardrobe to include items I usually wouldnt wear, and I also introduced some new hair products to my world (hey, that is a big deal for me).

However, this one will be a carry over to 2014, fa sho.

Stick to a budget


Hey, one for three.

I would say this one kind of needed to be reworded, as it is a two-parter.

I did really, really awesome this year on setting up a budget and organizing the finances, and actually consistently tracking every single transaction etc so I can see where literally every cent of our money goes. So that part was a huge A++ success.

As far as STAYING on budget… I would say I have improved from prior years. Probably because I was actually watching everything like a hawk. I feel like we had A LOT of big purchases/unexpected expenses this year – more than usual for sure. Like buying a new bed, and some other furniture we were still in need of (only took us 2 1/2 years to get all the furniture we need! ha!) new tires (those babies werent cheap!), Kona’s vet escapades/surgery, my surgery, and some debt payoff (but that one was a plus!). Overall, we done good.

*If you are curious about more details of the above goals, you can read about them in this post.


Of course, since I love the fresh start of a new year, and I’m a sucker for some good resolutions (I loooove reading other people’s too), I will havea fun post up about my 2014 goals soon.

  • What is a 2013 goal you succeeded (or at least for the most part) with? What is one you didnt fully succeed with?
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  1. I gave myself a D+ this year as far as goals go. I made a really small dent in my to-do-list, but oh well. We all have the next 365 days to try again! Happy New Year!

    December 30, 2013

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