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Weekend To-Do List

Since last weekend I was still in holiday mode, and next weekend we won’t be around, I am being forced to be productive this weekend. Ew.

  • Take down Christmas. (that sounds funny). I’m always a little sad once all my Christmas decor is down because at first it looks empty in here without it. Plus, my tree is still so full of life, it’s sad it will have to go to the tree graveyard with the others.
  • Laundry. SO much laundry. I really need to stop putting this off…
  • Balance my checkbook. Just kidding. Do people really still do that? They probably do, and now I look like an asshole for making a joke out of it.
  • Plan out some meals, grocery shop, and do some food prep. I have been lazy with breakfast and lunch during the week so I think I will make some egg muffins to grab, and also probably some of these for lunch.
  • Clean and vacuum the inside of my car. This may not happen because it is like 20 degrees out and I will probably wuss out. But, on the list of productivity it goes.
  • Do at least one cardio session. I dunno if I mentioned it but this last week was my FIRST week back to working out after my surgery. (HOORAY) I went to training 3 days and did one night of cardio. I’m trying to keep how with at least 2 cardio sessions a week.
  • Bring the mother F’n bags of clothes to Goodwill. I have had 2 trash bags full of clothes taking up room in the corner of my bedroom for 3 months because I haven’t taken them to Goodwill…. procrastination at its best.
  • Catch up on The Mindy Project. I am 3 shows behind in this season. Hm… I dunno how this made it on to my to-do list. (priorities).


What’s something(s) on your weekend to-do list?

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  1. My list sounds the same, minus the last three. I hate taking down Christmas, too. My tree area seems so empty, I might have to go buy something to put in its place. Since I put the tree up immediately upon moving into my new house, there was nothing in this spot previously-i need a replacement!

    People do still balance their checkbooks, my fiancé being one of them. I am not one of them (thank god! As I am way too OCD for that.).

    Have a good and productive weekend!

    January 4, 2014
  2. I feel like these two things:
    vacuum the inside of my car
    Bring the mother F’n bags of clothes to Goodwill.
    have been on my list for like 3 months!

    HAHA! Happy weekend! (:

    January 4, 2014
  3. Welcome back to workouts, almost surgery buddy! I’ve been getting back at it myself-it’s HARD! But it feels so nice to be almost to my old self again. Enjoy Mindy-the last few episodes were really good!

    January 4, 2014
  4. working on planning meals right now!! i need to unpack my suitcase finally. and do moooore laundry.

    January 5, 2014

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