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Ew, Monday

Go home Monday, you’re drunk.

I always feel hectic on Monday’s after I have been gone all weekend. Also, it probably doesnt help that I left my house in a disaster. Also, somehow I woke up this morning without my pillow so I have a nice kink in my neck (or is it a krik? isnt this a common argument?), and then when I opened the fridge a glass bottle came rolling out and shattered on the tile floor so I had to clean that up while constantly telling Kona to get away so she didnt get glass in her little feeties.

Annnnyway, am just poppin’ in to say heeeeey girl, and I will do a fun post to fill you guys in later about our little weekend trip – we spent the weekend in Asheville (NC) – which is only about 2 hours away from us. It was for Torrance’s annual January company meeting (the last 2 years have been in Myrtle Beach).

We got to stay at the Grove Park Inn, which is a way cool hotel!


Like I said, I’ll share some more pics and stuff later.

I also have some disappointing news – nothing too serious but it kind of makes me go waaaah. And I will share that later too.

So, I’m leaving ya hanging today because I have lots of work to do today, and I even started the morning off with a clean desk just to get things rolling…


Yeah, this never happens. Seriously, like maybe 3 times a year.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are starting your Monday off kicking ass (and no broken glass <—– hehe rhymed)!

  • What did you do over the weekend? Fill me in!
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  1. That clean desk is impressive!

    January 13, 2014
  2. That hotel reminds me of the hotel in The Shining!

    A clean desk is always a good way to start off the week.

    January 13, 2014
    • oh my gosh Fiona, you just wait until my story about the hotel. The whole time we were making Shining jokes haha. its even crazier inside!

      January 13, 2014
  3. That hotel looks beautiful!! so fun!

    January 13, 2014

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