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Random Friday – My New Fav Cookbook, Walking, & I’m Getting Old

Fuckin’ A Peter Pan, it’s Friday.

I hope no one is offended by the F word (just kidding, I kinda dont care). But if so, just overlook it. My excitement for Friday deserves an F bomb today, as it has been one of the busiest work weeks I have had in a lonnnnng time.

I have had an absurd amount of people make in-office meetings with me. Though this is fine, and part of my job, and I am used to meeting with people face-to-face, a lot of what I do is/can be done over the phone and that is how most people want to do it. So the recent neediness of people to stare me in the eye instead is kind of random, and a little draining, because then I feel obligated to do my hair.

…But I digress.

I have a bit of a random post for you today.

So remember how I said the other day that I had some “somewhat disappointing” news?

Okay, remember about 2 weeks ago how I was finally starting to ease back into working out after my hiatus from having surgery? Well, pretty much all last week my navel area was bothering me – just like when my hernia would act up before I ever had surgery. Obviously this worried me and thoughts of “well shit, what if the surgery didnt take?” went through my head. So after a few days of it not letting up, I went to my doctor.

Since my surgery was done through the ER with the general surgeons there, they told me my follow up should be done with my regular doctor. Which is annoying because my regular doctor is not a surgeon. Anyway, he basically said that – that hes not a surgeon but he did some exams and stated that he cant tell where the hernia has really popped back through (basically where the abdominal wall would have retorn) so that is good news. He thinks maybe it is just a case of some slow healing and I irritated it somehow with my workouts.

SO, I was ordered to continue to take it easy, no lifting or intense activity for another 3-4 weeks (that was on Friday). So alas, I am on another small hiatus, but obviously I dont want to mess anything up, so I will listen.

But, I just cant lay around again, so this week I took to walking. Since I am not a runner, I decided doing some good walking would at least be something.

Sadly it has been pretty damn cold at night after work, so I had to bundle up a little but it wasnt too bad.

Brown1 The good news is, that this little lady is pretty happy about it. We walked 4 miles Tuesday night and 5 on Thursday. I am hoping to do a little longer one this weekend with her. This is good news for her also because Kona’s NY resolution (that her vet made for her) is to lose 10 lbs this year, how convenient.

So I am doing that. ALSO, I have been eating sososo good/clean. I will do up a post about this soon, promise. But because of that, it has really helped me since I cant workout. I think I am doing so good with it because I cant workout to my full potential, so I feel obligated to stay on track in the eating department. So I have lost a few more pounds. SCORE.


Okay, next on my list of randoms:

This is my new most favorite cookbook ever.

Chicken2 This is the most genius cookbook ever. I mean seriously, can you say clever?

It is hilarious. The recipes are written in a somewhat funny/dirty way too (but are real recipes, and are actually really good). And there are little stories throughout the cookbook too written in fashion of Fifty Shades, only written from the “chickens” perspective, referring to the chef; who, of course, acts as the Christian Grey.

502 It really is like food porn. (#punny)


Is it bad that I have been getting in bed at 8:00 a few nights this week? I like to lay there and catch up on my Hulu shows.

ipad2 It’s just so cozy, comfy, and relaxing.

I know, I am officially old.


  • When you lay down in bed, do you go right to sleep? Or do other stuff? (other than sleep or sex I mean, duh!)
    I am usually up for like 2-3 hours after I actually lay down unless it is a day where I really dont get to lay down in bed until midnight or something, then its right to sleep! I usually need to do something like read or watch TV to help my mind wind down some.
  • Do you ever walk for exercise?
    I walk a lot and am active, so I have never really done it for the sole purpose of thinking of it as exercise until it was the only way for me to get good exercise in (if that makes sense?)
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  1. I like to lay in bed catching up on Hulu shows too 🙂 No judgement from here! Also, sorry to hear about your surgery news. I hope that the 3-4 week break will give you the rest you need.

    January 17, 2014
  2. I’ve walked for exercise a bit…it’s actually nice! You can get a decent workout, though of course not as intense as others. After my surgery, I walked quite a bit and upped the distance about a half mile per day.

    January 17, 2014
    • yeah! it was actually pretty nice. It is dark still when I get off work but our apartment complex is lighted so I just walk around that a bunch, and there are some hills so thats good, one lap is about half a mile and I just crank up the tunes and walk pretty fast. I wore my HR monitor and I am still burning a good amount of calories too!

      January 17, 2014
  3. I used to walk a lot. There’s a really pretty park not too far from me. Now I only end up there a couple times a month instead of a couple times a week. I need to get back into the habit.

    January 17, 2014
  4. Awwwa that sucks!!!! I walk a lot because I have a fitbit, and I want to get steps in. Plus…. Pippa is very active!!!! Hahaha. I almost always read in bed!

    January 17, 2014

    Girl i get into bed at 8 and play on my phone and lately have been out cold by 9! and thank god since i get up at 5, ive noticed a huge difference getting that much sleep!! and im with you i dont do running…your a hoot, never stop blogging!!!!

    January 20, 2014

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