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So What?

So what if I had a first world dilemma this morning on which vehicle to drive since it is cold out – one has auto start and the other has heated seats. (I chose auto start).

So what if this song came on the radio this morning on my way to work, and I kept it there and jammed out.


So what if I didnt watch any football this year so I only watched 2 minutes of the playoffs.

So what if I’ve been waking up 20 minutes before I need to leave the house.

So what if I stopped by my workout place to say hi because I miss everyone after being on hiatus.

So what if this is the 5th day in a row I’ve worn a ponytail.

So what if I did absolutely nothing on Saturday and had a movie watching marathon on my couch. (I watched FIVE movies. FIVE.)

So what if I skip over most of your baby pictures on Facebook?

So what if I dont want to make small talk today about the weather with the guy in line at Starbucks?…

…and so what if now I feel guilty because usually I try to be friendly to friendly strangers, so I will have to apologize next time I see him.

So what if I like to play QuizUp on my phone and kick all the old guys’ asses in the Classic Rock genre. If it is Pink Floyd or Rolling Stones related I WIN.

So what if sometimes when Kona winks at me I wink back just incase her wink at me was intentional?

So what if I threw your résumé in the trash because you had spelling/grammar errors.

So what if I am sick of reading certain blogs that are now constant product reviews and sponsored giveaways.


  • Gimme one or a few of your “so whats” for today! It feels good, promise.
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  1. Thats so funny that you wink back at your dog because you think it was intentional. I do that too!!! I always think I’m crazy for it and make sure that the boy doesn’t see me doing it. haha

    January 21, 2014

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