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Yep, I’m Still Alive; Nope, I’m Not Done Blogging

I love you guys and your emails!

I’m still alive, which I know anyone that asked that doesnt mean it literally. And if you follow on Instagram (@andreaoutloud) you see I’m still kickin and having an amazing/busy summer!

And for all of you that have asked (with a sad face, aww!) if I was saying goodbye to blogging – the answer is definitely a big fat HELLS NO.

But I totally see why people are questioning that though, because it seems like a ton of bloggers are closing up shop lately (I have commented on this recently also). Which is sad, but I can see it from their point of view too on why they are saying goodbye.

But seriously I love blogging and am not quitting. I am the opposite actually, I have been dying to blog but just havent had time, and I told myself a while ago I’m not gonna stress trying to do it because it is something I want to continue to be fun for me! Thus my long break. But here I am; this is my official declaration of “I’m baaaack.”

So with that being said, I suppose it is fill-in time.

As you know from my last few [scarce] posts, we kicked off summer with buying a house.


We closed mid-May, and spent Memorial Day weekend moving (ugh moving).

We’ve gotten all settled in for the most part, and I am happy to report we have most everything unpacked even. We have one disaster room that isnt put together yet (which will be our office) and that is where all the “random” stuff is thrown currently.


I plan to do a fun tour sometime soon and include some more deets since I’ve been a little vague about it (boring, I know). I honestly havent even gotten to really decorate yet. As you can see, we’re lookin a little bare in some spots – definitely have places to fill in.




And I love the neighborhood! Oh, brown dog is diggin’ the yard too.


After that fun-ness of moving and all that, the following week my friend Melissa came from out of state to visit for a few days.

Which of course was a blast. We went hiking…




…And to a vineyard (her first time!)





And we visited some of the old, historic areas of downtown also.

It was so good to take some time off and visit with her – and of course went by waaaay too fast.


And then LAST week, Torrance and I took a much needed mini-vacay (4 days) to Myrtle Beach. We decided we just needed a couple days of literally plopping down on the beach and nothing more.


It’s so nice not to have any damn obligations, even if it was only a few days. It was nice and rejuvenating.

I mean besides plopping down on our asses, we did play in the sand some (duh).



PS – “T n A” in this case means Torrance and Andrea, duh.


Other than that, I am up to the usual shenanigans. Still trying to get settled into the new house a little bit, thats always an adjustment anyway.

Oh, and by the way – I’m still enjoying Stitch Fitch….


…. and like I could leave you without giving you a picture of brown dog:



Okay, my break was good but I’m looking forward to being back in blog land!


  • Fill me in on your recent summer shenanigans!
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  1. Haha I have a junk room, too! It will be my office in time, but for now it’s where every thing goes that does not have a place:). Congrats on becoming a homeowner! I am also still enjoying stitchfix. They sent me the most amazing sweaters last month and a great pair of mint green skinny jeans. Great to see a post from you!

    June 29, 2014
  2. Welcome back, and congrats on the house!!!

    July 16, 2014

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