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Recent Stitch Fix Favs

So, as I mentioned, I am still feeding my Stitch Fix addiction.

My closet/wardrobe/life thanks me. I dont go out shopping as much (which is a plus for me since I’m not in love with shopping) and my wardrobe is updated monthly with at LEAST 2 items it seems, so that is nice.

And the biggest thing for me, as I have mentioned since the beginning, I am getting variety and stepping out of my comfort zone.

Since I have gotten THREE fixes since I last blogged, I cant really remember what was when/what it all was, what all I got/kept, etc.

The one I got mid-June was my 6th box (time fliiiies) and actually I ended up keeping all 5 items out of that one!

I figured at the very least I would share some of my favorite’s from my last 3 boxes since I wasnt around the blog to share as they came in.

Stitchcoll1 Stitchcoll2

I apologize because I dont even have my style cards handy to tell you the actual names of each thing, buuuuuut that’s ok, even though Margaret (my stylist) would be ashamed.

Oh, and dont mind the varying backgrounds – it was kind of between moving so I was all over the place (including a work bathroom selfie! #7).

#1 – bracelet. I’m actually NOT much of a bracelet wearer but that one is so perfect and summery!

#2 – the lace shirt. This came in my June box and it is something really unique for me because I dont have anything else lace like that in my closet! So cute. I have worn it once with a pair of dark jean shorts and sandals – adorable!

#3 – bird print shirt. You cant tell in the pic but it has tiny, subtle, purple bird shaped spots all over it. It is a real light satin material – super comfy!

#4 – summery dress. LOVE this one. The material is amazing and light and smooth. I like the funky print and then the neon yellow trim/piping on it is awesome – it almost kind of gives it a sporty look. I wore it to a BBQ a few weeks ago and got a ton of compliments on it.

#5 – sheath dress. Number 5 is my absolute favorite out my last few boxes. I just love it. It is navy and white striped, and I wear it to work frequently with Navy (or, believe it or) purple heels!

#6 – grey shirt AND the blue skinny jeans. Yeah this one is kind of a two-fer because both came in one fix. The grey shirt is UH-mazing. it is a really light sweater material and so light weight and goes with just about everything. The blue skinny jeans are the same Adora skinny jeans I got from them a while back in coral. I may have hinted a few times I would love another pair in blue or black – it paid off!

#7 – striped dress. I’ll have to snap a better pic of this one at some point, but when I first opened this one out of the box I was like, “hmm… no.” It almost looked a little vintagy to me which is not my thing usually. BUT, I know that I always have to try everything on because my mind changes– and once I got this one on I loooooved it. The bottom actually has some thule under it so it poofs out a little but its SO fun. I have worn this one quite a bit already actually!


Past, more detailed Stitch Fix reviews can be found here, here, and here if you’re lookin’ for more!

  • Would you wear any of the above items I shared?
  • Do you feel like your wardrobe has a good variety? Or do you tend to really stay in your comfort zone?
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  1. Love that navy and white dress!
    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award:) Check it out here…

    July 2, 2014
  2. That bird print shirt is pretty cute. I usually tend to avoid flowy shirts like that (I don’t think they look very good on me, but I think they’re fabulous on other people), but I’m trying to be more adventurous.

    July 2, 2014
  3. very nice! I especially love the bracelet and lace shirt! 🙂

    July 2, 2014

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