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A Foodie At Heart

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I like love food!

I blame (or credit) my love for food to the fact that I grew up in an Italian family, with two parents that cook and owned a restaurant. I have just always loved food. It is a small miracle that I am not extremely overweight (seriously).

I definitely had strange eating habits for a kid when I was younger – some of my favorite dishes included crab bisque, scallops, and any type of pasta. It wasn’t until I was a little bit further into my school years (age 8-10 perhaps?) that I even realized just how “weird” my eating habits were. I have distinct memories in elementary school watching the other kids unpack their lunchboxes with PB&J’s, string cheese, and pudding cups thinking that all of that food was amazing and envying that foreign-to-me meal. And then I would get my little lunch box out (Polly Pocket, My Little Pony, or Ninja Turtles I’m sure…) and unpack my prime rib sandwich on a french baguette with aioli and provolone and a side of pasta salad. True story.

We didn’t go out to eat much when I was younger, which I was okay with because I really didnt know any better. And besides the occasional McDonald’s breakfast my mom would get me, I didnt really ever have fast food until I was in 6th-7th grade. I don’t eat much fast food now and I do a lot of cooking, though I thoroughly enjoy going out to dinner for the entertainment aspect of it. I love restaurants with great environments and creative menus, though I will always have a special place in my heart for the little hole in the wall restaurants that offer something special that no one else in town can master!


Grocery shopping is one of my all time favorite weekly “chores.” I know a lot of people loathe it, but something about the fresh ingredients and endless cooking options and flavors gets me all excited!

As much as I love fresh ingredients, I do have some restrictions due to some food allergies I have. I have “oral allergies” to certain fruits and veggies, which I recently found out is due to a type of protein in those items. You know how everything you read says that fruits and veggies are most nutritious in their raw form? And that when cooked and/or processed you are “cooking the nutrients out?” Well this is true (duh) because some of the items I cannot eat raw, I can eat in another form. There are more details about my food allergies in my Q&A section if you are curious!

My cooking philosophy? Simplicity. Though I enjoy them greatly, I tend to shy away from recipes that require a lot of different ingredients or that have a long preparation time. Just not really my style. A lot of my favorite (delicious) dinners I cook are 30 mins or less!

I will share recipes with you as they come! (Go take a look at the recipe page!) I must say, I find some of the best recipes on blogs!

Some of my favorite foods:

  • I appreciate a good cut of steak
  • Sandwiches. Anything is good in sandwich form
  • I love cooking on the grill – though we don’t have one at our apartment currently 😦
  • I love bananas, and banana flavored anything
  • I love fish and shrimp! I cook with shrimp a lot because it is so versatile (and low calorie!)
  • Bread. I could eat it all day, everyday, forever
  • Cheese. of any sort. see above ^
  • Brocoli. Love it, especially steamed
  • Sautteed mushrooms. Yum.
  • Garlic. In everything, I hope I don’t stink.
  • Wine. That counts as a major food group in my opinion
  • Italian or balsamic dressing. I could put it on everything for flavor!
  • Tomatoes. In any way, shape, or form – especially raw with a little salt and pepper

Some of my least favorite foods:

  • Anything spicy. Just cant do it, I’m a wuss. Not even a little bit
  • Brussel sprouts. I have tried and tried….
  • Feta. I love cheese, but just cant do feta for some reason
  • Mayo. I am a miracle whip kinda gal
  • Lobster. I love seafood, but lobster is too much (Torrance loves it)
  • Fast food burgers. Ew. (I like a good homemade burger on the grill though!)
  • Escargot. Just cant do it.
  • Italian sausage. Bleck.

Notice how much longer the first list of my favorite foods is? 😉

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  1. Bread all day everyday for me too! I just can’t go without precious carbs..
    And wine is definitely near the top of my list of favourites.

    I love grocery shopping too! I could spend hours going to different grocery stores and finding new items.

    Hope you had a great weekend! 😀

    November 20, 2011
  2. Have a met my match?! Your Italian, you love garlic, AND you adore ze wine?! We must be sisters from anotha’ motha (just doesn’t have the same ring to it as brother’s from anotha’ motha…).

    I want a license plate frame that says “Italian’s don’t die. They just pasta away.” Because, you know, it’s totally true!

    December 15, 2011

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